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Do you document every stage of a tow?
Yes, documentation is very important to Wyatts. Live GPS tracking equipment records positioning for all of our trucks. Video and audio equipment records every inch of our facilities and yard.
We strive for ultimate transparency to protect the vehicle owner & our Property Manager clients.
I would like to know who ordered the tow of my vehicle?
Why can't you disclose the identity or contact information of the person or entity that ordered my vehicle to be towed?
Upon the successful release of your vehicle you will be provided with a detailed invoice outlining all applicable information concerning the authorization of your tow, as directed by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission - Rule 6509 (a) 1-8.
Why was my vehicle not towed on a flatbed?
“Flatbeds” or “Car Carriers” as they are often referred to are designed to transport vehicles in a scenario in which the keys to the vehicle are provided to the tow operator, who can then easily unlock the vehicle and place it in neutral for transport. Because your vehicle was towed non-consensually, we do not have access to the keys and attempting to tow your vehicle with a car carrier can cause serious damage to your vehicle, due to the fact that it would need to be dragged up the vehicle bed. In addition, car carriers cannot service parking garages, and they are rather cumbersome and are not suited to navigate in tight spaces, many times which is the scenario in which parking violations are discovered. We utilize the latest hydraulic autoloader tow trucks to safely tow your vehicle without causing damage, our equipment ONLY touches the tires and NO other part of your vehicle.
How are your fees determined and why are they so high?
Our fees are based on the approved rates for our industry, determined by the State of Colorado.
Where are the signs posted indicating that parking is restricted?
The Colorado Public Utilities Commission stipulates the rules for proper signage -Rule 6513 (c)- (d)
What if you caused damage on my vehicle?
Although such instances are Extremely rare, Wyatts takes responsibility for any damage caused to your vehicle. Because we take photos before ever touching your vehicle, we can investigate these incidents thoroughly. Please answer the questions appropriately on the complaint form to ensure the proper department is notified of your concerns.
What is an "After Hours" fee?
An after hours fee, commonly referred to as "After Hours," is an additional $66 applied to the releases conducted after 5pm Monday-Friday, or on weekends and holidays.